Sunday, March 20, 2011

Planting it out, in Leeston

Kia ora mai!

Well after a hiatus of many months, in part through the trauma of leaving my old vege garden in Washbournes Rd., Sockburn, we are now ensconced in Leeston, a small country town 25 minutes south of the broken city of Christchurch. I won't dwell on that, other than to say it is a game-changer.

Back to veges...

Our new whare had a big sandpit which i filled with four cubic metres of mushroom/soil mix (the soil out here is very clayey) and planted out with perpetual spinach, broccoli, leeks, spring onions and lettuces. A friend gifted a tomato plant but it's struggled. The section already has a lemon tree, two plum trees, and purple grapes clambering over from the neighbours.

I'm now in the process of extending the vegetable garden, using bricks from our old chimney (chimney's are fingered as death and insurance traps in this country now!). This will give us about 32 square metres in total, a goodly amount.

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