Sunday, July 08, 2012

Maori Green Vegetables book launch...

Just back from meeting with fellow committee members and supporters of Tahuri Whenua at Parewahawaha, Bulls. As well as catching up on admin chores, we launched Nick Roskruge's latest book, Korare: Maori Green Vegetables: Their history and tips on their use

Really interesting collection of crops - some might call them weeds but hey, as we know in Christchurch, ya never know when ya gonna have to dig a hole in your backyard and fend for yourself. best you know what puha looks like and how to prepare it...

Some of Nick's postgrads came along, representing Chile and Malawi. We have quite a collection of research projects compelted alongside our community of growers, and with our crops of taewa and kamokamo.

That's Uncle Hemi blessing the book - Nick is on the left there. The book can be ordered from Tahuri Whenua PO Box 1458, Palmerston North.

A number of displays showed the variety of work coalescing around our mara. Moko of Otaki brought along some Te Waka Kai Ora publications, including one on bee keeping their first apiarist has just achieved Hua Parekore certification).

Took a shot of this snack from Peru, made from purple spuds like our (ha,'s theirs!) tutaekuri. Plenty of options out there for Maori growers.

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