Monday, October 22, 2012

Spring planting

Spring planting well underway, though the unsettled weather continues with with a passing hail strom at the end of a cold rainy day after a beautiful 21 degree day yesterday. Transplanted some mange tout/snow peas after sprouting them inside, sourced from Koanga heritage seeds via Piko (relocated to Stanmore Rd after their lovely old premises on the corner of Barbadoes/Milmore Streets was earthquake damaged; check out the Greening the Rubble project there).

Southland Sno seedlings transplanted

Also working on the new tunnel house, using wood left over from dismantling one of the leanto's. It was a chance to work koro's old posthole digger. Trouble is, you go down two feet in this soilk and you hit the old Rakaia River bed (it might be the Waimakariri bed actually, which use to flow south of Banks Peninsula).

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